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North Bay Towing Service - Scrap Car Removal 1

Scrap Car Removal in North Bay: The leading towing company for all of your scrap car removal needs is here at North Bay Towing Service. We are the leading experts for towing services and other car-related services. Our team cares about delivering you with outstanding care and results. Consequently, we are going to be able to handle the tasks related to the scrap car removal that you need done. We are the towing service that you can count on, especially if you need a piece of land cleared. The prices that we offer for these services are also fair and affordable.

Scrap Car Property

If there is an entire property that has a lot of scarp cars on it, you are going to be able to call us here at North Bay Towing Service to remove these vehicles. We have the proper facility connections to ensure that the vehicles are properly disposed of. Also, we are going to be able to ensure that the land is cleared in a timely and effective manner. We know that a scarp car site can be a great business for a little while, but when it comes to getting the business closed down, you are going to be able to call us here for the appropriate scrap car removal services.

Vehicle Accident

If there has been a motor vehicle accident on a motorway, make sure you call us here at North Bay Towing Service for the scrap car removal. We know that a scrap car can be a difficult sight after an accident. Therefore, we are going to get there as quickly as possible to ensure that we can tow the vehicle away. We are going to be able to use one of our many tow trucks to haul the vehicle away. We have large flatbeds that we can load up, and we have other specialty towing trucks that will be perfect for the task.


Our team is always on-call, and we are going to be able to answer your call at a moment’s notice. Typically, a police officer at an accident calls us to come down for a scrap car removal service. When this happens, we ensure that we use as much effectiveness and efficiency as possible. However, you can expect the same high level of care and treatment if you personally give us a call. We know that a scrap car can be related to a lot of stress. We want to help minimize any and all stress that you may be going through.

Towing Team

When our towing experts arrive onsite, you can find peace of mind knowing that we care about you and that we care about getting the vehicle properly taken care of. For example, if your vehicle has been completely totaled, we are going to be able to take the vehicle to where it needs to go. If there are certain photos or videos that you need to take for insurance purposes, we are going to be able to help you with that. We are committed to providing you with premium care and attention.

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